The BIDC provides a comprehensive suite of services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger companies. These services are delivered through targeted programmes of assistance aimed at facilitating the establishment and expansion of enterprises and in general better positioning our local economy by supporting activities that drive foreign exchange earnings and savings. Our core activities are aimed at assisting clients in conceptualizing, planning and implementing new ventures, marketing internationally acceptable goods and services and penetrating overseas markets.


Through scheduled and walk-in client visits small, medium and large enterprises can access any of the following services, by working with an assigned business development officer:

  • Business planning
  • Assistance in securing financing
  • Management and marketing consultations
  • Export advice and consultations
  • Assistance in achieving international standards certification and compliance


We also offer a bespoke design advisory and innovative solutions service where clients can access

  • Product design assistance
  • Corporate identity development
  • Packaging and labelling design
  • Marketing and promotional literature


We introduce Barbadian products in new market niches across the US, Canada and the UK, through niche marketing, branding, certification, in-store promotions, food and beverage sampling and advertising at major consumer and industry shows to capitalise on potential export sales.  Services companies benefit from the full suite of services as well. The overseas market development and promotion programme includes:

  • Identification of target markets
  • Identification of buyers, distributors, importers
  • Liaison with overseas buyers and Barbadian exporters of goods and services
  • Facilitation of cross border collaboration and strategic alliances between Service Providers
  • Assistance in penetrating overseas markets
  • Provision of trade information
  • Organisation of outward and inward trade missions
  • Arrangement of itineraries for inward missions or individual buyers
  • Introduction of Barbadian products to the US, Canada and the UK, through niche marketing, branding, in-store promotions, sampling and advertising, at major consumer and industry shows.
  • Export advice and consultation


The BIDC is the certifying authority for exports claiming preferential treatment under a number of Trade Agreements (TA). Certificates of Origin relating to the following Agreements are authorised daily at the Corporation’s Head office:

  • CBI
  • GSP
  • CARICOM Venezuela
  • CARICOM Colombia 
  • CARICOM Cuba
  • CARICOM Dominican Republic
  • CARICOM Costa Rica

Exports to the European Union (EU) are certified by the Customs and Excise Department, in accordance with the CARICOM Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the EU.

Export certification documents are available here.


The Special Technical Assistance (STA) programme is designed to enhance the international competitiveness of local manufacturing operations, service companies, artisans and small businesses.

To be eligible for assistance, companies should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Non-exporting companies should be 100% Barbadian owned.
  • Companies exporting products or services should have a minimum of 51% Barbadian ownership.
  • All companies must be registered and operating in Barbados for at least one (1) year.
  • Companies must agree to participate in an operational review/audit by the BIDC, in an effort to complete a needs assessment based on the analysis of the proposal submitted. For specialist areas consultancy services may be sought.
  • If a tenant of the BIDC, the client should have rent payments up-to-date.
  • Companies must be in good financial standing with governmental authorities, or have satisfactory arrangements for payment.
  • Companies must have financial records or statements for the last two years of operation.

Activities funded under the STA programme include:

  • Training and productivity enhancement
  • Marketing
  • Plant upgrade consultation
  • Operational redesign
  • Product development
  • International standards certification

Apply for the Special Technical Assistance Programme here.


The BIDC has under its charge approximately 1.6 million sq. ft. of space. It is distributed over 12 estates, each specifically zoned to accommodate particular industries, although there can be some flexibility in the event of excess demand:

LocationLand Area
(Sq. Ft)
Number Of
Building Area
(Sq. Ft)
HarbourSt. Michael 716,627.19 9 329,006.90
PelicanSt. Michael270,591.001762,742.30
GrazettesSt. Michael148,110.97388,169.00
PineSt. Michael560,528.13341,381.00
WildeySt. Michael971,944.6210241,342.12
Newton Christ Church969,02516435,919.00
Grantley AdamsChrist Church553,420.12798,195.40
Six RoadsSt. Philip880,2508175,835.00
St. LucySt. Lucy69,696125,000.00
Spring GardenSt. Michael395,790.52653,079.25
Newton Business Park Christ Church800,000.000-
FontabelleSt. Michael54,002.07121,207.00

Requests for Space

Applications for operating space should be submitted in duplicate to the BIDC.

Each completed application form must be accompanied by the following:

  • Projected Monthly Cash Flow Statements (for 1st year of operation)
  • Marketing Survey
  • Registration of Business Name Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation and supporting Incorporation documents as filed at the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office.
  • Evidence of at least three (3) months’ working capital
  • Confirmation of financing
  • Audited Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for past 2 years (for existing companies)
  • Audited Income Statement for past 2 years (for existing companies)
  • Actual and Projected Balance Sheet (2 years) for new companies
  • Actual and Projected Income Statement (2 years) for new companies.


The omission of any of the required information will delay the processing of any application for factory space.

The BIDC retains responsibility for maintenance of the unit and insurance of the building while the tenant is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the unit.

The BIDC typically offers a five year lease, with the option to renew the lease after three years.

Rental payments are due from the occupancy date of the premises and are payable on the first working day of each month. The first month’s rent and a security deposit equivalent to a month’s rent is required prior to occupancy of the premises.

We also offer spaces ideal event hosting at the following locations:

Bagnall’s Point Gallery/Annex

The Bagnall's Point Gallery and Annex is 1,680sq.ft. of air-conditioned space, (Gallery 1,088 sq. ft and Annex 592 sq. ft.) with a seating capacity for approximately 100 persons theatre style.  The facility is located in the Craft Centre and is equipped with internet services and is available for rent to businesses, groups and or individuals approved by the BIDC for the hosting of meetings, conferences, seminars/workshops as well as wedding receptions, award ceremonies, birthday parties, craft and art exhibitions, and other social gatherings.

The Gallery with Annex is rented in whole or in part for a minimum of two (2) hours.  Gallery and Annex $175.00 per hour; Gallery: BDS$100.00 per hour.  Further details are listed in the table below:



Bagnall’s Point Gallery & Annex


Bagnall’s Point Gallery (only)


Rental Rate


Rental Rate

Special Events i.e Birthdays, Weddings, Book launch, etc.

Bds$175 per hour

Seminars/Workshops/ Meetings

Bds$100 per hour

(2 hours minimum)

Seminars/Workshops/ Meetings

Bds$150 per hour (2 hours minimum)

Whole day – Bds$1,000

Half day – Bds$500

General Meetings, Service Clubs/Non-profit Organisations

Bds$75  per hour (2 hours minimum)


Pelican Training Room

The Pelican Training Room is a carpeted air-conditioned facility located on the 2nd floor of Building #2 in the workshop area of the Pelican Craft Centre. The room is 910 sq. ft. suitable for meetings, presentations, workshops and seminars.

The Pelican Training Room is rented for a minimum of 2 hours at the rate of BDS$75 per hour.

Persons using the facilities, not under the supervision of the BIDC, must present evidence of Liability Insurance coverage for its members prior to accessing the keys to the Gallery and Training Room.

Small Business Centre

The Small Business Centre at Fontabelle has two rooms‒ a Training Room which is 690sq.ft. and a Meeting Room 215sq.ft. which are available for rent.  These rooms are air-conditioned, carpeted and outfitted with tables and chairs and are suitable for meetings, presentations, workshops and seminars.

The Training Room and the Meeting Room at the Small Business Centre are rented to businesses, groups and individuals approved by the BIDC at the following rates:



Type of Meeting

Rental Rate

Training Room

Non-income generating

Bds $75 per hour


Bds $500 per day

Income generating

Bds $150 per hour


Bds $1,000 per day

Meeting Room

Non-income generating

Bds $40 for 2 hours

Income generating

Bds $80 for 2 hours


Harbour Industrial Estate

The Harbour Industrial Estate also has available for rent two rooms located at Building #2.  These air-conditioned rooms are suited for the hosting of Seminars/Conferences.  They are both carpeted and outfitted with table and chairs.  The Conference Room which is 650 sq.ft. has a seating capacity for approximately 50 persons.  The Meeting Room is 600 sq.ft. and has a seating capacity for approximately 20 persons.

These rooms are rented to businesses, groups and individuals approved by the BIDC at the rate of BDS$60 per hour.


To make your bookings please contact:

The Barbados Investment & Development Corporation

'Pelican House', Princess Alice Highway



Telephone: 427-5350

Facsimile: 426-7802

E-Mail: bidc@bidc.org


Or utilize one of our booking forms.


Ms. Haynes (not verified)

To Whom it may concern,

I am looking to start a Daycare business in the near future. I have gone through the list of proceeding / legal checks via Child care board etc. I would like to know how you can assist in making my dream a reality. I have managed my own small retail/shipping services previously; therefore having an entrepreneurship background.

I would appreciate a timely response.

King Regards

Mareka Haynes (Ms.)


Ms. Haynes:

Thank you for your email. Please be inform that your request has been forwarded to the relevant Officer who will be in touch with you to assist you in 'making your dream a reality'.


Sylvia Taitt

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